Ugly Zombie Hamster Monster Pictures

Image of evil zombie looking hamster with big eye
Picture of monster hamster with funky teeth
Photo of strange toy hamster horror creature


  1. This is a wonderful critter. I'd love to adopt one. Is it for sale to a loving couple? If so, please let me know at! Thanks. Nice work! Randy.

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  4. can that thing even move? I bet it wouldnt even need a hamster cage. Just prop it against the wall

  5. Awww!!! That's a rare Syrian Hamster! Are they available at this time?
    I'm going to ask you how much do the hamsters cost? What breeding conditions can they be in? What do they eat? Please reply as soon as possible please!

  6. you take this from deviant-art !!! if you use them, you can write the name of the author of the puppet and the link of his deviant-art blog, it don't cost money and it's more honest than just drop these pics without links to the author... I'm not english native speaker so I hope I'm clear, but I think you understand.

  7. ombie Hamster Monster Pictures. Image of evil zombie looking hamster with big eye. Picture of monster hamster with funky teeth. Photo of strange toy ...